Coding is more fun with a friend!

Botley 2. 0 from Learning Resources is a coding robot with more than 150 coding steps built right in! That’s right: There is no need for computers or tablets to play this screen-free pal —  everything you need is right inside the little guy!

Some may remember the original Botley from two years ago. In this new version, Botley comes with two face plates and two wrenches “hands” so you can customize your robot. This is essential if you decide to engage your Botley with other Botley 2.0 devices — and since kids can collaborate up to three other Botleys, you’ll want to know which one is yours!

Some other upgraded Botley features are the Botley 2.0’s interactive “Botley Says” gameplay. Botley Says is a fun way for kids to test their memory skills. Botley is unique in that it engages kids to keep them interacting with the device too. For example,  kids are rewarded for finding the codes to turn Botley 2.0 into a train, police car, or ghost! These interactive features engage kids and keep them coming back to Botley to learn more.

Another feature that makes Botley 2.0 is that its eyes light up for night vision, which adds another fun play pattern of being able to play in the dark. Yet, the most engaging part of Botley, in this reviewer’s opinion, is the cute voice that really helps kids connect to Botley.

What has not changed about Botley 2.0, however, is that it is still a great toy that has a lot of benefits. While kids are playing with Botley, they are working on fine motor skills. Plus, they are learning about cause and effect and sequencing — two skills that apply to a variety of academics. Since Botley 2.0 can engage with other Botleys, kids can also work on collaboration, which is another skill needed for project-based learning in schools.

Botley is ideal for kids ages 5 and up or in grades kindergarten and above. Out of the box, Botley comes with a remote programmer, two sets of robot arms, two robot faceplates, 40 coding cards, and a coding starter guide. Parents and caregivers just need to supply five AAA batteries (three for Botley and two for the remote programmer) and a screwdriver to insert the batteries in the respective devices.

While Botley 2.0 the full set comes with an activity set with fun pieces, Botley can be used in conjunction with various household objects. For some parents and caregivers, it may be more fun to see kids challenged with coming up with objects for their own activity set pieces!

In addition to being fun, Botley 2.0 also provides functional skills for kids to learn!