With many states still observing stay-at-home orders, it’s no surprise that everyone in our families is getting a little bit of cabin fever these days. 

Since kids of all ages are social creatures and thrive and grow from being around their friends in school, camp, and other settings, one of the hardest challenges for parents may be pulling their tweens and teens away from their screens. Afterall, it’s their only source of connection during this difficult time. 

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Even as adults, our go-to reaction to boredom is to mindlessly scroll through our social feeds, and with all kinds of fun challenges popping up on social media during these unprecedented times, it gets harder and harder to look away — but we all need a break sometimes!

Below are some fun boredom busters designed for the older kids in your family. Within these activities and games to pass the time, there are a few games that will encourage the whole family to put down their phones together and share some quality time as a family!