Fourth of July is quickly approaching, and while maybe some firework displays could be canceled this year, a new line from Moose Toy promises an explosion of fun.

Boom City Racers will burst into stores on July 1, just in time to bring for the holiday. Meaning, kids ages 4 and up can have all the fun of fireworks without Mom having to worry about them losing a hand or two.

Kids pull the ripcord of each Boom City Racers toy car to launch it into play, and when it crashes into something, it bursts apart like a real firework. Each car can easily be reassembled to offer kids an explosive experience over and over again.

The collection features 24 different varieties of cars to collect, all sold within a single pack for $5.99, a two-pack for $9.99, and a starter pack for $14.99. Kids can celebrate even more with the Fireworks Factory Play Set for $29.99. They blast their cars into the building in three different challenges or come up up with their own. The factory then resets to normal for explosive fun anytime.