The sound of a balloon popping always makes your heart skip a beat, but Boom Boom Balloon, from Spin Master, turns all that anxiety into a fun game! Players ages 7 and up roll the die and carefully push a stick into the balloon until it clicks. Watch the balloon squish, squeeze, and stretch, while players sweat it out. The first player to pop the balloon is out. The anticipation (“Will the next one be the one that makes the balloon pop?”) adds a bit of an edge to this game, requiring both logic and a little luck.

Boom Boom Balloon is great because it is a simple game that is full of fun. Players get that rush of anxiety as they try not to be the one to pop the balloon, but the rules are easy enough and the game is entertaining enough that the whole family can play. The game is focuses on developing motor skills and encouraging imaginative play, but it poses enough of a challenge for parents to have a great time too. Plus, the balloon has an absolutely adorable face! Boom Boom Balloon is a cute way to have a blast at your next family game night.