Trinity & Beyond has captivated young YouTube watchers with a variety of videos of scavenger hunts, pranks, and more recently quarantine activities. The latest toys Trinity and Madison have unboxed are their own!

The YouTube Channel that has gotten more than 2.8 billion views is partnering with Bonkers Toys to bring their very own toys to life. Kids will be able to collect buildable figures, dolls, and jewelry boxes based on the adventures of the sisters early next month.

Toys will be available at Target, Walmart, Amazon, and other nationwide retailers. Check out the family seeing the toys for the first time below.

Kids ages 3 and up probably also can’t believe this is [finally] happening! There’s a huge variety of little figures based on both Madison and Trinity, 6-inch dolls (Madison is *very* happy that hers looks a bit like Anna from Frozen), and surprise blind bags.