Spit it out.

With Blurble, North Star Games’ newly revamped party game, there’s no time to think. In this fast-paced game, players must be the first to say a word that starts with the same letter as the image on a card. It sounds easy, but you’ll be surprised what tricks your mind can play on you. The pressure is on.

The rules are easy. The Blurbler is the first player to go and places the stack of cards face down between him or herself and the player to their left. The Blurbler flips over the top card and both players must instantly say a word that starts with the same first letter as the image on the card. The first player to get a correct word out wins that round and gets to keep that card.

The round continues with the same player as the Blurbler until he or she challenges all players. Once that player has raced everyone, the player to his or her left becomes the new Blurbler and follows the same steps. Once each player has been the Blurbler once, the player with the most cards wins the game.

Along the way, players may be surprised by a few silly situations. For instance, even though you may look at a picture and know exactly what it is, while under the pressure of the game, it may take a few seconds to actually process the name of the image. Also, when an image starts with a letter that sounds like a different letter—cactus, orange, wreath—most players will spit out entirely wrong words, making the game even more hilarious and, in turn, difficult to win.

For an added bonus, several educational activities are also provided with the game. These practices are designed to help kids build different skills using the images on the card. For example, kids will be able to work on their speech and pronunciation, storytelling skills, character identifications, vocabulary, and more.

Since Blurble consists only of cards, the game can be thrown into a Ziplock bag and taken on the road during long car rides, to grandma and grandpas house, or even used as a fun distraction during the endless waits at doctor appointments.

Blurble is a fun, fast, and silly game that will get players to think fast, but speak quicker. Be sure to add the hilarious game to your game night collection when the new version hits shelves this September.