Bluffaneer Dice Game | Source: Big G Creative/the Toy Insider

Steal, bluff, and get your pirate voice ready to shout, “GIMME YER BOOTY!”

Bluffaneer from Big G Creative is a ridiculously fun-to-play family dice game for players ages 10 and up. In the game, players roll themed, bone-shaped dice in an effort to steal the most coins from their mates … even if they have to bluff your way to victory.

The game itself is very easy to explain and quick to learn. Rounds take between 15-25 minutes to play and every round is unpredictable, so gamers are bound to get a lot of replay out of this game. In its essence, Bluffaneer is a game of chance and strategy that mainly relies on how good players’ bluff faces can be.

Bluffaneer Dice Game box | Source: Big G Creative/the Toy Insider

The player who can do the best pirate impression gets to go first, and all players receive a card with two icons on it before the game starts. On each player’s turn, they start by rolling the bone dice and hoping for a set of doubles, which will automatically earn them a reward and ends their turn. If there are no doubles, all players check their cards to see if the icons match the icons showing on the dice. If the roller has a match, they must reveal their card instantly and the other players must each discard one coin into the game box, removing it from play.

However, if the roller does not have a match, it’s officially bluff time. Other pirates can shout, “Gimme yer booty” whether they actually have a match or not. (Warm up your vocal cords now, because talking like a pirate is one of the most enjoyable parts about playing this game!) If the roller thinks the booty-seeker is telling the truth, they give that player one coin. That player will reveal their card to the table for all to see if they were bluffing or not (but they get to keep the coin either way). Or, the roller can yell, “Bluffaneer” if they think the booty-seeker is not telling the truth. If that player was telling the truth, the roller must give them two coins. If the player gets caught in a bluff, they must hand over one coin to the roller.

Whenever players reveal a card, they discard it and draw a new card. Play goes clockwise to the next player and continues until one player is all out of coins. Then, the remaining pirates see who has collected the most coins, and that player wins the game. In case of a tie, players flip a coin to decide the winner.

You’ll need at least three players to get this game started, but up to six people can join in. While Bluffaneer is officially designed for gamers ages 10 and up, I think slightly younger pirates can also handle the gameplay.

The box the game comes in is also noteworthy and sure to catch any scoundrel’s eye right off the bat with its metallic shimmer. The contents include 18 cards, 50 coins, two bone-shaped dice, and a treasure map reference card. The dice really stand out as a highlight in this game, with their unique shape and thematic appeal.

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Bluffaneer is a fun, themed game that’s sure to become a go-to for game night. Its simple gameplay and fast pace will keep pirates coming back to collect more booty over and over. Don’t forget to sing the (very on-trend) included Sea Shanty to warm up your pirate impressions!

Bluffaneer is a steal at just $9.99, which also makes it a perfect gift to give. Pick one up exclusively from Target as you shout, “AAARRRR” at the top of your lungs.