Moose Toys’ Bluey Pool Time Playset with an exclusive Bluey figure | Source: Moose Toys

Forecast says Bluey skies all summer long thanks to the Bluey Pool Time Playset!

Moose’s new Bluey Pool Time Playset brings all the fun of swimming to the small-scale. Unlike other playsets, the Bluey Pool can be filled with actual water, making this imaginative play pool even more real for kids ages 3 and up.

The Bluey Pool is inspired by “The Pool” episode of the hit Australian animated TV series Bluey. In the episode, Bluey heads to the pool with her dad and Bingo only to discover that the three of them haven’t brought their swim stuff. Bluey — and her audience — learn what to bring to the pool and why it’s important to have it: Goggles to keep chlorine from our eyes, sunscreen to keep us from getting sunburned, and floaties to help us swim safely.

Just like in the episode, the Bluey Pool comes with a pool, a table, a cabana, a pair of goggles, two floaties, a water gun, and an exclusive Bluey figurine in her swimming attire. The Bluey Pool can be paired with Moose’s Bluey Family Home, or used with other Bluey character figures purchased separately.

Moose Toys’ Bluey Pool Time Playset with included accessories | Source: Moose Toys

This playset is perfect for kids who are either just learning how to swim or who haven’t yet set foot in the water. Kids can practice getting Bluey ready for the pool and learn about pool safety, all without having to leave the comfort of their homes. When Bluey is all set with her pool items, kids will have fun dipping her into the real water over and over again.

It’s also great for imaginative play! Kids can get creative with pool time. Using the attached diving board, Bluey can jump into the water wearing her goggles, or float in the pool on her unicorn floatie. If she wants to have a water fight, kids can use the included water gun toy to pretend there’s an epic water battle. Because the set is all connected, it’s also easily movable for indoor and outdoor play. The options are endless.

Moose Toys’ Bluey Pool Time Playset | Source: Moose Toys

Putting the Bluey Pool together is the easiest part. Everything snaps together in seconds, although sometimes you have to push hard to get the pieces to fit. Once it’s built, kids can just add water and the fun will begin. Taking it apart is a little harder — some of the pieces don’t want to leave their new homes, but luckily the product can be easily stored completely connected in its original packaging.

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The Bluey Pool Time Playset is an awesome addition to any kid’s summer toy collection. With its water components and unlimited imaginative play options, the Bluey Pool is the perfect toy for these hot summer days — and it’s under $20.