The new Blue’s Clues & You Tonies Figure | Source: Tonies

Are your kids tired of being ignored by Josh and Blue as they yell their answers at the TV screen while watching Blue’s Clues & You!? We have the solution for you!

Tonies, known for the Toniebox audio player and the Tonies character figures, has unveiled a new Blue’s Clues & You Tonie. Toniebox is a kid-friendly audio system that kids can use to listen to music and stories. Each Tonies figure comes with themed audio stories and songs that kids can listen to by attaching the magnetic figure to the top of the Toniebox speaker.

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The Blue’s Clues & You Tonie features Blue, the blue dog that helps Josh find clues in the Nickelodeon series. The figure is a faithful representation of Blue’s appearance on the show, down to minor details like the spots of her long fluffy ears. This Tonie comes with five tracks, including “Blue’s Clues & You! Theme Song,” “Blue’s Beat Band,” “Blue’s Big Neighborhood Adventure,” “ABC Scavenger Hunt,” and “ABC’s with Blue,” totaling 57 minutes of runtime. 

In this interactive adventure, kids will solve problems, listen for clues, and sing exciting songs. Along the way, they will improve their deductive reasoning skills, memorize the alphabet better, develop their puzzle-solving skills, and learn to recognize different musical instruments.

Parents can purchase both the Blue’s Clues & You Tonie figure and the Toniebox (sold seperately) at