blues clues

Grab a handy dandy party hat and get ready to celebrate!

This Friday, Nickelodeon series Blues Clues & You celebrates Blue’s birthday with a special episode. The episode, titled “Happy Birthday Blue,” will unite new host Josh with former Blue’s Clues host Joe (Donovan Patton) to mark the special occasion. In the episode, Josh and home viewers will play a round of “Blue’s Clues” to figure out what present the pup wants for her birthday. That’s where Joe — who now runs a gift shop (evident by his purple sweater in the photo above) — comes along to help the mystery-solving squad figure out what Blue wants.

In addition to the packed birthday plans, several of Blue’s celebrity friends will make a special appearance on air to wish the puppy well. Stars Samantha Bee, Rachel Dratch, Laurie Hernandez, Alexa and Carlos PenaVega, Kal Penn, and Pete Wentz pop in on the celebration to share heartfelt well-wishes for the smart dog.

Get kids’ party hats and streamers ready: The new episode premieres on Friday, Feb. 7, at 11 a.m.