These days, it’s getting more and more commonplace for kids to have their own robots, but some of these robot-building kits require the dexterity and programming skills of kids in older age groups. But now, kids ages 5 and up can get in on the robotic fun with Blu-Bot, the intelligent Bluetooth-controlled robot from Silverlit.

Blu-Bot is a new tech-enhanced friend for kids. Using the app, kids can put Blu-Bot into different modes, including Program, Gesture Control, Robot Dance, and Voice Change. With Gesture Control, kids can control their Blu-Bot with their smartphone, simply by sliding their finger over the screen to move him forward, backward, left, and right. This makes Blu-Bot easy for even the youngest robot fans to control.

In Program, kids can program the Blu-Bot to follow the commands they set up through simple drag-and-drop play. Not only is this a super cool cause-and-effect play pattern, it also sneakily adds in those important STEM learning concepts, like programming and coding.

As we all learned from Home Alone 2 and the Talkboy, voice changers are crucial to our survival—or at least to our ability to live the life of eating pizza in the back of a limo. The Blu-Bot lets kids record messages and play them back with the voice changers, which will provide tons of laughs—probably for kids and parents alike.

Or switch into my favorite, Dance mode, and your Blu-Bot will moonwalk with the best of them. You can also get your inner DJ on by mixing sound effects in the app and creating your own sick beats.

BUT if you’re not into that app-connected play, no worries—the Blu-Bot can also be used in stand-alone mode to program up to 50 moves without using a smartphone. He’s also pretty cool looking on his own—like some sort of cool space robot from any movie about the future set in the 1980s. He’s modern and comes in either black or white, with red and silver detailing.