Create Your Own Airbrush Designs with BloPens Airbrush Design Studio

Huff and puff and blow your own airbrush designs with BloPens!

BloPens are specially designed markers that kids can blow into in order to create fun airbrush designs. The Airbrush Design Studio, from Cra-Z-Art, lets kids create airbrush masterpieces with the 12 included BloPens. In addition to the markers, the kit also includes 16 stencils, so that kids can have a little guidance in their airbrush designs. The stencils include everything from outer space scenes to monster trucks to guitars—and more! If they’re feeling a little extra creative, kids can create anything free hand—or draw their own designs and then fill them in with the BloPens.

The cool thing about BloPens is that it allows kids to blend colors together to create cool designs, even if they aren’t the most artistic. Because the markers are so easy to use, kids are able to control where they want the color to go, and how design or light the ink goes on (depending on how much air they push through and for how long they hold the marker in the same spot). It lets them add a little texture to their art in a very simple way.

The great thing about this kit is that the whole thing is a self-contained unit. The studio features an activity surface for kids to turn blank canvases into masterpieces with marker holders around the border so all their tools are easily accessible (and your kitchen table is not scattered with BloPens). The box that the product comes in actually becomes the art desk, so kids can store everything up inside when they are done.

BloPens are designed for kids ages 4 and up, but all kids will enjoy using this kit into their tweens, meaning multiple kids in your household will get use out of this studio. Whether they’re younger artists who may be might need a bit of help getting the hang of things, or older kids who are looking to create their own unique airbrush stylings, kids will love how easy and fast it is to make fun designs.



Manufacturer: Cra-Z-Art
MSRP: $24.99

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