Spring has arrived, which means sunny days and outdoor play — and, of course, bubbles. With the Blitz Bubbles products, from Imperial Toy, kids can summon endless bubbles with the push of a button.

The Blitz Light-Up Bubble Blaster is designed for kids ages 5 and up. Each colorful, plastic bubble blaster comes with a 5-ounce bottle of Blitz Bubble liquid in fun scents such as apple, grape, or cotton candy.

blitz blaster package

After an adult installs batteries in the blaster and twists the bottle of bubbles into a slot on the front, kids can pull the trigger and watch as the blaster not only shoots out a stream of bubbles, but also flashes with colorful lights across the top.

To keep the blaster working properly, be sure to follow the cleaning instructions (detailed on the packaging) between uses. If the stream of bubbles stops, there are a few easy troubleshooting options. First, check to see if the plastic mechanism that starts and stops the flow of bubbles (it moves when kids pull the trigger) isn’t stuck. Second, check the end of the rubber feeder tube to ensure the opening isn’t pressed against the side of the bottle.

For even more bubble fun, kids ages 3 and up use the new Blitz Bubbler. This battery-operated bubble wand also includes a 5-ounce bottle of bubbles, which twists into the bottom of the wand. Then, kids push a button on the wand to produce a continuous stream of tiny bubbles.

blitz wand

When kids get going, they may use up the included bottle bubble liquid quickly. However, there are refill packs (sold separately) of 5-ounce Blitz Bubbles to keep the bubble fun going.

Both Blitz Bubble products make playing with bubbles more portable, sweeter-smelling, and far less messy.