VTech_BizzyMixMoveBotRobotics is a hot topic in toys these days, especially with the ever-important STEM curriculum making its way into the toy category in new ways. However, when it comes to programming and robotics for our littlest learners, the options can feel a bit sparse.

Thanks to VTech Toys’ Bizzy the Mix & Move Bot, kids ages 2 to 5 can get some hands-on learning that will develop early programming and robotics skills. Looking at this cute little robot, you’d never know that he is packed full of STEM learning, and even more fun.

Bizzy is a robot buddy that responds to his 10 included accessories, including a pirate hat, a chef’s hat, different arms and legs, a tambourine, and more. Along with all of the included role-play fun and activities (which we’ll get to in a sec), Bizzy can also move and dance on his wheels or legs.

In addition to the free play, Bizzy has three pre-programmed activities for kids to play. In Robot Creativity mode, kids can use the 10 accessories to dress up Bizzy in more than 90 combinations that are sure to be silly. Once he’s built, kids can press the gears button on his tummy to hear songs and fun responses, or watch him move around. Kids can press the light-up buttons to explore shapes, numbers, and hear a short song. That’s right, the learning doesn’t stop with just the robotics!

In Challenge Time mode, Bizzy will ask kids questions that they’ll have to answer by attaching the correct accessory to the right place. For example, Bizzy will either directly ask for the hat that will turn him into a pirate, or he’ll ask kids which accessory he’ll need if he likes to meow, and they’ll need to locate and attach the kitten hat. If kids need a little time to figure it out, they can press the buttons to repeat the question.

The Robot Symphony mode lets kids press the gears button to hear fun music and watch Bizzy dance (and dance along with him!). They can create remixes to the songs by pushing the buttons or adding accessories. When kids add accessories, Bizzy will recognize the accessory and sing different songs, which will teach them the cause-and-effect portion of programming.

In addition to all this fun, Bizzy the Mix & Move Bot is brightly colored and the accessories are big, chunky, and easy for little hands to remove and attach. Kids will love their new robotic friend, while parents will love the foundation of skills that play time with Bizzy begins to lay.