Source: WeCool/the Toy Insider

There aren’t many things sweeter than cake batter, and Compound Kings knows it!

The Compound Kings Birthday Cake Batter Bucket from WeCool Toys contains more than 2 pounds of a new compound that’s inspired by cake batter (but it’s for playing, not eating!). Designed for kids ages 4 and up, this compound is stretchy, but very thick — certainly thicker than slime, but not quite as dense as the company’s Butter compound.

The Cake Batter is bright pink, matcahed by a strawberry scent that is sweet and noticeable, but not overpowering. That can be a difficult balance to find in compounds like this one, so it is a definite highlight of the product!

Source: WeCool Toys

In terms of texture, there is a lot for kids to enjoy. The Cake Batter compound is cold to the touch and very satisfying to squish, twist, or simply stick your hand into. However, the compound also comes premixed with many “sprinkles” (thin, colorful, plastic tubes) that not only add to the festive cake theme, but also provide additional texture for kids to enjoy as they play.

Another upside of this compound is that it leaves very little residue on hands, which makes for an easy clean-up. There is also some extra space in the bucket that the compound comes in, so kids can use it as a sort of play space! It’s important to note, however, that you’ll want to keep the compound away from clothes, fabrics, and stainable surfaces.

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Speaking of the bucket, it is an important element of the toy, too. The lid is fairly sturdy, and it features a tab that makes it easier for kids to remove. It’s also very important to make sure that the lid is pressed down firmly to create an air-tight seal between uses (an adult may want to double-check this), to keep the compound from drying out.

Best of all, this big bucket of sensory fun costs less than $10, so it is an affordable activity that evokes all the feelings of a sweet summer treat!