Source: Noggin/the Toy Insider

Noggin’s Big Heart Beats album has the soundtrack for any preschooler learning to navigate their emotions in a big world!

As young kids integrate back into more in-person social situations this year, new environments and faces can be overwhelming for some. From the creators of Blue’s Clues & You comes an album aimed at making kids feel more comfortable with the wide array of emotions that these new environments may create. The Big Heart Beats album from Nickelodeon’s interactive learning service Noggin features 11 original tracks focusing on developing healthy friendships, emotional intelligence, diversity, and more. Big Heart Beats teaches lessons about how to react emotionally and socially in a positive way at school, and around family and new friends.

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The album includes six new songs and five previously released favorites like “Like Nobody Else,” “Celebrate Our Differences,” “How You Feel,” “Help Work it Out,” and “A Friend Like You.” There’s a little something for every music lover with styles ranging from folk and jazz to pop and reggae. Each song on the album tackles one of the three Big Heart Beats themes: learning about me, learning about you, and learning about us. In each song, kids are encouraged to believe in themselves and develop interpersonal skills to have a positive impact on those around them.

Parents and caregivers can access the album from the Noggin app,, and all digital streaming platforms.