Go Big-A-Bubbles or Go Home!

Zing Big-A-Bubbles

Families can make bigger, better, booming bubbles with Zing’s Big-A-Bubbles!

With summer — and summer vacations — just around the corner, the scramble for travel-friendly, outdoor toys that’ll bring fun to the whole family is on. The Big-A-Bubbles supersized bubble pouch is great for kids 3 and up who want to make bubbles with a bang. Available in six different characters — Lion, Crocodile, Pirate, Shark, Duck, and Bear — it’s easy to use, too.

Zing Big-A-Bubbles

First, kids remove the character-decorated bubble wand from the pouch. Note that they may need a little help from an adult to pour the included bubble solution into the pouch. Next, kids slip their fingers into the wand — in the mouth of the character — dip it into the solution, wave it around, and watch as giant bubbles form right before their eyes. The bubble pouch is resealable and refillable for repeated fun.

Zing Big-A-Bubbles

Available at both Target and Walmart, Big-A-Bubbles is a classic outdoor toy that’ll have kids begging to get up and get moving as they try to create their biggest bubbles yet.



Manufacturer: Zing
MSRP: $1.99

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