The world of Beyblade is getting supercharged!

For more than 20 years, kids have been spinning into action with battling tops in epic arenas, and now the next evolution has arrived just as the fifth season of the hit anime series BEYBLADE BURST SURGE hits the scene.

Hasbro‘s BEYBLADE BURST SURGE Speedstorm Volt Knockout Battle Set puts a fresh spin on things by adding a Power Vortex to the center of the action. Kids can let it rip straight out of the box with the included BEYBLADE BURST Speedstorm Volt Knockout Beystadium, two right/left-spin launchers, and two Speedstorm battling tops. As young Bladers hone their skills on a quest for Beymastery, the Speedstorm battling tops will be pulled into the Power Vortex. It’s an inescapable energy zone that’s been designed to give each top a supercharged boost of speed.

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The two included collectible Speedstorm battle tops are the left-spin balance type Kolossal Helios H6 D57/TSP02 and the right-spin attack type Super Hyperion H6 D30/TSP07. The new tops include a Storm Chip component in their Energy Layer Bases. When the tops collide in battle, the results can be explosive if the layers split apart and go flying!

While the core Beyblade experience is all about head-to-head physical play, collectability, and the thrill of competition — there’s even a yearly invitational — a digital component exists for those who want it. Beymasters can scan the codes that are included on the Beyblade Burst tops’ Energy Layers and on the Volt Knockout Beystadium to unlock and unleash each in the BEYBLADE BURST app.

Bladers new and old alike will find a lot to love in this set which makes a great entry point to Beyblade or a fine addition to an existing collection. And, for those who want to take things to even greater heights, after mastering the BEYBLADE BURST SURGE Speedstorm arena, kids can go “pro” with the BEYBLADE BURST Pro Series Elite Champions Pro Set. It’s featured in our early preview of 2021’s Top Toys & Trends!

Let it rip!