This winter, kids can make the most of the season’s snowfall with six new snow tubes from Bestway. Designed for kids ages 6 and up, Bestway’s snow tubes are the must-have accessory for every kid looking to hit their local parks’ slopes this winter. Each tube is equipped with Polar-Shield material for puncture resistance and cold weather protection, so riders can sled worry-free.First up, it’s the H2OGO! Snow Flurryz Inflatable Snow Sled. This 3.5-foot-long sled is ideal for safe yet fun rides. Thanks to its length, kids can ride it on their bellies or their backs, and use the firm handles to steer their way to level ground. Once deflated, the lengthy sled folds in half for easy off-season storage.Next, it’s the H2OGO! Snow Polar Edge Covered Inflatable Snow Tube, which lets kids scream down snowy hills in style. With a whopping 50-inch diameter, this spherical sled is the ideal saucer for kids to plant their rear-ends in. The flexible handle straps let kids maneuver down the hill and a fabric cover provides extra protection and comfort on the coldest of days.

The H2OGO! Snow Winter Rush Covered Inflatable Snow Tube is a 4-foot, 8-inch long triangular sled that is sure to turn heads at the park. It features a safe and convenient bucket seat so riders big and small can cruise in comfort, as well as flexible straps and a fabric cover for added protection against the elements.Sledding is always better with a friend. The H2OGO! Snow Frost Blitz Inflatable Double Snow Tube brings twice the action thanks to its two-person saucer shape. Each seat features its own set of handles, so riders will have no choice but to work together to steer and spin their way to the finish line.Triple the fun with Bestway’s H2OGO! Snow Winter Rush Triple Tube. This tube gives meaning to the phrase, “the more the merrier”, and features three sets of oversized handles so as many as three kids can ride together. Even better, the sled’s bright blue and yellow graphics stand out in the snow for parent visibility, even as dusk.Last but not least, the H2OGO! Snow Flurry Child Inflatable Snow Sled is the ideal ride for the littlest of ones in your life. Featuring inflateable walls, this sled offers the safest ride for kids that are too young to fly down the hills by themselves. It sports heavy duty gauge material for rough and snowy surfaces, and a built-in grommet with tow rope so parents can slide them along a snowy street or yard.

Bestway’s snow tubes each feature an easy-to-locate quick release valve for inflation. Once inflated, the valve folds securely into the tube for safe and secure sledding fun all season long.