Drones are everywhere. From delivering our packages to being wrapped up underneath the Christmas tree, they’re taking over—but in a much less “robots-taking-over-the-world” sense than we all thought. This year at the North American International Toy Fair, we learned that the R/C aisle is going to be full of new drones that take will take flying to a whole new level.

Sky Viper v2700 GPS (Skyrocket Toys)

The newest streaming drone in Skyrocket Toys’ Sky Viper line is the v2700 GPS. Not only does this drone feature FPV streaming, auto return to home, and position hold, but its GPS technology also allows users to geo fence an area so that their drone doesn’t fly off into the abyss forever. The auto flight assistance allows for easier landings, take-offs, and hovering. It also lets kids perform one-touch stunts in the air, and features HD video streaming and recording, so kids can relive their high-flying adventures.

Air Hogs DR1 Competition FPV Drone (Spin Master)

In the drone world, it doesn’t get much trendier than drone racing. The Air Hogs DR1 Competition FPV Race Drone joins Spin Master’s Air Hogs line, letting kids get even closer to experiencing professional drone racing with the drone’s first person view (FPV), speed, and durability. Designed for kids ages 14 and up, the drone has analog 5.8 GHz for streaming the finish line. This cool new drone brings the Drone Racing League right into your living room.

Air Banditz Battle Quadcopters (NKOK)

Laser tag is incredible; that is an indisputable fact. So what better way to play, than in flight? Kids can do exactly that with NKOK’s brand new Air Banditz aerial laser tag Battle Quadcopters. Featuring futuristic sound effects for each shot and each hit, kids can choose from three speeds, so beginner and advanced pilots can all play together. Battle Quadcopters let the whole family get in on the fun!

Drone Force line (Alpha Group U.S.)

This fall, Alpha Group US will introduce Drone Force: a team of fun and easy-to-fly R/C creatures, each with different performance and battle features, designed for kids ages 6 and up. Stinger brings alien drone technology to kids’ fingertips. They can take control of the skies with stable and intuitive flight control. Stinger features a durable exoskeleton roll cage for safe and strong indoor flying. Arachno Fury is the spider that flies. It can perform flips, dips, and dive bomb stunts indoors and outside with an easy-to-use controller. With an infrared targeting system, the Raptor Strike can take aim and fire dual missiles in flight. Raptor Strike is safe and fun to fly indoors and outdoors. Angler Attack is the terror of the sea illuminating the skies. It features electro-surge attack with luminescent LEDS and glow effects, and one-touch take-off and landing for easy indoor and outdoor flight. Morph Zilla features surface to sky mayhem—kids can drive in Ape Mode, morph into action, and then fly in Drone Mode. It is easy to morph, stunt, and fly both indoors and outdoors.

Bumper Drone (Odyssey Toys)

Some drones can be tough for younger kids to fly, even though they see their older siblings or friends getting in on the drone action. Odyssey Toys offers a new option for more novice fliers with its Bumper Drone

Bumpy has a crash-proof protective airbag so that it can bounce off a wall and bounce right back. It’s tons of fun to fly and it looks cute, too, with its animated cartoon-like face. But don’t be fooled by its adorable smile—Bumpy has a lot of high-tech gear found in professional drones, such as altitude hold, auto take-off and auto landing, and a 720p HD camera.