Bendie Buddies, from TEKS Inc., are plush dolls with bendable wire inside their limbs and tails, as well as magnets inside their hands and feet. Being a plush lover in general, I liked these little guys from the start, based on their cuteness alone. I also like that each Bendie Buddy comes with a tag that says its name, what species of monkey it is, and tells a little about where it lives and what it eats and does. It’s a good way for kids to enjoy a fun plush item and learn a little, too.

Goldie is a golden snub-nosed monkey from central China. She lives in the mountains with large groups of other golden snub-nosed monkeys, and eats lichens, leaves, fruits, and seeds. Golden snub-nosed monkeys really do have blue faces and golden-colored fur, so this Bendie Buddy is not only adorable, but accurate!

Howie is a howler monkey from the lowland mountain rainforests of Mexico and South America. He eats leaves, fruits, and flowers, and starts and ends his days with a howl that can be heard three miles away. Howler monkeys’ mouths form a long oval when they howl, making Howie’s facial expression true to life.

Yarie is a dusky leaf monkey from the dense forests of Malaysia, Burma, and Thailand. Yarie likes to eat leaves, fruit, and flowers, and enjoys playing with her friends. I love the tuft of hair on her head, and it reflects the dusky leaf monkey’s wild, stand-up hair. As a cute touch, Yarie has eyelashes and winks.

Bendie Buddies’ poseable limbs and tails make them easy to put just about anywhere, and the magnetic hands and feet let them cling to the fridge, the chalkboard, or each other. Recommended for kids ages 3 and up, they make a sweet gift for animal lovers.