Adventure is just a bramble away.

Tucked under an unruly, tall patch of grass, exists an entire world full of enchanting fairies, elves, and magical creatures. In Entertainment One‘s Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom, Ben, Holly, and all their friends, take viewers on endless adventures where kids discover that these little creatures live extraordinary lives.

Holly lives in Little Castle with her sisters—Daisy and Poppy—and parents—King and Queen Thistle, the rulers of Little Kingdom. Nanny Plum, who is basically the fairy version of Marry Poppins, is the girls’ fairy teacher, and has a flair for keeping things tidy around the castle. She is a free-spirited fairy with the best intentions, but sometimes her silly antics cause a bit of mayhem in Little Kingdom.

The kingdom is also home to Holly’s best friend, Ben, his parents, the Wise Old Elf, and the many other elves who all live in the Great Elf Tree. Elves may not have magical powers like fairies do, but they are makers extraordinaire, especially when it comes to toys!

During each episode, Ben and Holly start their adventure in different places throughout Little Kingdom, including the Elf Farm, the Meadow, and Gaston’s Cave, and sometimes they even venture to the Big Farm and outer space. The pair, with their ladybird sidekick, Gaston, go on magical adventures that don’t always go according to plan. No matter what the problem is, they work together to resolve the issue.

Since Holly and her fairy friends are just learning how to harness their magic, it leads to messy situations. In “The Toy Robot,” Holly, Ben, and their friends find a broken toy robot. Holly fixes it using her magic, but soon finds out that the magical toy robot is causing quite a bit of mayhem around Little Castle. Ben and his gang of elves rush over to the castle to make the toy work properly and—with a little help from the ever-faithful Gaston—order is restored in no time.

In “The Royal Family Picnic,” Ben comes to the rescue once again when he accompanies Holly and her family during their picnic feast. The day is disrupted when the fairies are left hungry and sad after Nanny Plum accidentally gets rid of all the magical fairy food. Luckily, Ben’s mom packed him with enough Elf food to last a lifetime, and he offers to share his tasty treats. Though they are a bit skeptical at first, they learn that Elf food is just as tasty as their magical food.

If one thing is for sure, Nanny Plum and the Wise Old Elf will never agree on anything— especially the use of magic—making for lots of silly bickering and hilariously chaotic events. When the gang journeys to outer space in “Picnic On The Moon,” things go awry when Nanny Plum accidentally makes a magical jelly that overflows and floods the planet, and adding insult to injury, their engine soon after runs out of fuel. Lucky for them, aliens love jelly and clear the mess in no time, and The Wise Old Elf comes up with a clever plan that fixes their rocket and gets them home.

As kids watch Ben and Holly’s antics unfold during the first season, they will laugh along and learn important lessons about teamwork and what makes each individual so special.