Ben 10 Alien Game Omnitrix

Since 2005, the stories of Ben Tennyson have been inspiring kids to embark on multi-dimensional adventures of their own. Role play is a big part of that, and when Cartoon Network relaunched Ben 10 in 2016, Playmates Toys was there to help fuel those adventures. Over the past few years, Ben’s on-screen tech has evolved, and there’s no better example of that than the Omnitrix — the watch-like device that gives Ben the power to transform into one of 10 different alien superheroes.

The Ben 10 Alien Game Omnitrix is the latest evolution of the device in toy form — upgraded since the last version with mini-games that allow kids to embrace their inner Ben (or Gwen) 10. By placing the Omnitrix on their wrist, the wearer can “transform” using the built-in, 1-inch LCD screen to play one of the four included games.

In the Transforming Game, kids can take on the persona of their favorite alien, activating sounds by moving wrists in heroic motions. In the Battle Game, kids choose an alien and then fight bad guys by turning the wrist dial to block or attack. In the Timing Game, it’s a race against the clock with a mission to find an alien in record time. And finally, the classic Memory Game challenges young heroes to match the aliens during an on-screen sequence.

Ben 10 Alien Game

Available at most major retailers this fall, the Ben 10 Alien Game Omnitrix guarantees that any time can be hero time!