Parents and kids will all agree that March 17 calls for a family outing to the movies to see Disney’s Beauty and the Beast live-action film. And kids can relive all the action from the film with Jakks Pacific’s new collection of Beauty and the Beast toys.

Now, little princesses will delight in the fact that they can not only recreate their favorite scenes from the film, but they can also make entirely new stories with Belle as a baby. Jakks adds two new dolls based on the iconic Disney princess: Baby Belle and Ballroom Belle.

Baby Belle depicts the brunette as an adorable tiny tot. The little princess wears a yellow and gold dress with glitter roses scattered throughout. The doll has a soft, squishy stomach and arms, perfect for hugs. Additionally, Baby Belle carries a rose rattle made to fit into the fold of her hand. The princess-to-be also fashions an intricate ‘do complete with twirls and curls.

When kids are ready to kick their Beauty and the Beast play forward a few years, they can turn to Ballroom Belle. The all-grown-up doll wears a yellow ball gown with gold details, a removable gold necklace, and shimmering gold shoes. The doll’s hands, arms, and face are made of a softer plastic than her body and legs, but kids can move both her arms and legs up and down. Like Baby Belle, Ballroom Belle also has a fancy hairstyle. The front of her hair is pulled back in a twirl on the crown of her head, and her hair hangs down her back in loose banana curls. Styled to perfection and to ensure that kids don’t play the curl away, her locks are pretty firm from princess hair product.

Jakks also has some awesome role-play items that Disney dreamers will want to add to their collection. The Enchanted Objects Tea Set includes Mrs. Potts, Chip, a sugar bowl, two spoons, and an additional teacup and saucer. The set is a nude color with gold details and embellishments. The cover of Mrs. Potts teakettle and the sugar bowl both lift up, and the teacups both come off of the saucers.

When little ones pretend to pour a cup of tea, Mrs. Potts’ eyes move down and then back up. Additionally, Chip just can’t sit still, and he wobbles back and forth when placed on his saucer. For those looking to have a tea party IRL, it should be noted that there is a small opening at the bottom of Mrs. Potts, so it’s best to play with magical pretend tea during playtime.

Last but not least, the Enchanted Rose Jewelry Box is everything a Beauty and the Beast fanatic wants and more. The jewelry box is a replica of the iconic enchanted rose, and is enclosed in a plastic covering with a nude and gold base. The base has a drawer that opens for little ones to store the included plastic feather ring. Taking the magic of the movie to all new heights, when the drawer opens, it plays a short but sweet melody from “Beauty and the Beast” and the rose lights up and opens it petals.

Be our guest, and embrace all the magic there is to Jakks Pacific’s new Beauty and the Beast line.