Beards are great if you can grow a good one. You can stroke it for wisdom, wear it when you chop wood, or use it to locate the nearest Trader Joe’s. Beards fit your face like a hand fits a glove, and now, they’re at the heart of an epic party game.

Beard Ball, from Buffalo Games, is a wacky and wild party game that lets players ages 14 and up show off their skill, style, and sticky whiskers as they attempt to toss velcro balls onto a fabric beard. Included in the game are 50 Beard Ball stunt cards, five Beard Balls, three beards, a pair of glasses, a die, and a game board.

Players can play Beard Ball with three or more people or in teams of two. Either way, it is a hairy good time for both kids and adults. To start, players can shuffle the deck of Beard Ball stunt cards and then display three of them face up on the game board. There should be one card drawn for each of the three beard sizes.

Next, players can roll the Bearded die to determine what size beard they’ll have to wear. They can attach the beard to the glasses by folding the sideburns over the arms and then use the velcro to strap it closed. Congratulations! The game hasn’t even fully begun and you already look ridiculous.

Once a player is sporting stubble, their teammate must follow the instructions on the designated stunt card. To score points, players must successfully toss a beard ball (in the manner instructed) at the fabric beard and hope it sticks. Each card specifies how many attempts are allowed and how many points can be earned. Here are some of my favorite stunt card instructions:

Do You Even Ball?: Take three paces from the player with the beard, then face them. Toss the ball behind your back and onto the beard. 

Cray Cray Catapult: Take three paces from the player with the beard. Spin around five times and toss the ball onto the beard. 

Chillax Fling: Both players lay down with the bottoms of their feet touching. While keeping your back touching the floor, toss the ball onto the beard. 

The Selfie: The bearded player takes three paces from a wall. Bounce the ball off the wall and onto the beard. 

The harder you stunt, the more points you can score.

Real beards are not included, but they’re encouraged.