Thanks to Learning ResourcesBeaker Creatures Whirling Wave Reactor, kids ages 5 and up can create their very own spinning reaction. The 12-piece experiment kit includes a Reactor Pod, a limited-edition color-change creature, a five-piece Whirling Wave Reactor, two mini posters chock-full of facts, and a science experiment guide that teaches kids new concepts through hands-on play.

For those not in the know, Beaker Creatures are mysterious beings from far-off planets. They come in peace, but it’s up to kids to dissolve their Reactor Pods and discover the classified nature of their newest alien collectible. With the new Whirling Wave Reactor, kids can do just that.

To start, budding scientists can unwrap their Reactor Pod and place it into the reactor chamber. After securing the top, they can pour in water and turn the crank to trigger an exciting whirling reaction that sends bubbles to the brim. As the water dissolves the Reactor Pod, kids will be introduced to the Beaker Creature hiding inside.

Once the Whirling Wave Reactor reveals the hidden collectible, kids can extract their creature and further identify it with the included classification card. There are multiple species of Beaker Creatures for kids to collect, including Swampoids, Bytebots, Firelytes, Dogstars, and limited-edition Color-Change Frostonians. Kids can use the classification card to identify the amount of eyes, feet, arms, horns, and tails their creature has.

During a time when mystery collectibles are all the rage, the Beaker Creatures Whirling Wave Reactor gives kids a new and exciting way of discovering the surprise inside.