Every October, my parents would ask the much anticipated question, “What do you want to be for Halloween this year, Emily?” Without pause, hesitation, or regret, I would blurt that I wanted to be one of the Disney Princesses. I mean, who would want to parade through their elementary school Halloween party in anything BUT a princess costume? After all, I am in fact a princess. It was only right that I made this information public.

So, when walking into the office on a sweltering Monday afternoon, and seeing a Magical Flying Tinker Bell, from Spin Master, it was only mandatory that I open it and play. Disney, you’ve done it again!

After prying open the box in anticipation (have your screwdriver and AA batteries ready, Mom and Dad), I was ready to see what Tink was all about. With a touch of a button, this glistening green goddess soars through the air and it’s up to your kids to guide her flight path by hovering his or her palm underneath her feet. After some technical difficulties—the air conditioner became more of a target than my palm—I moved to an open area where I could really test Tink’s flight skills.

For about five to six minutes, Tinker Bell will sustain flight as long as you guide her route. Pegged for kids ages 5 and up, this toy will definitely captivate the mind of any kid at heart, but it’s probably best to supervise your youngster so Tink’s wings don’t wreck havoc in your living room.

If she accidentally crashes into something, she will take it like a true lady. The instructions guide comes with a complete troubleshooting page to fix a broken wing… but it may take some pixie dust!

Check out this photo of me playing with Tinker Bell—of course I’m mesmerized!



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