Star CommandWith the Star Wars Command Star Destroyer from Hasbro, the force is actually with you.

As Star Wars fans already know, the Super Star Destroyer is one of the most powerful vessels ever created in the Star Wars universe. Now, kids can have all the power as they build their own Star Destroyer, challenge Darth Vader’s Imperial Rule, and create battles with this set. Assembly for the vehicle is quite simple. All you have to do is connect five pieces to the main component, which is great because kids won’t get frustrated with a difficult assembly process and can go straight to destroying enemy armies.

Kids can then control the Star Destroyer using the Command Controller, which acts as the remote control for the vehicle. The best part about this product is that different hand gestures create three force attacks. The Command Controller also fits right into the palm of your hand.  The vehicle charges forward when you angle your hand up, blasts back and turns around when you angle your hand down, and fires energy blasts when you turn your hand over. Depending on how long you press the button, either one or multiple energy blasts will shoot out at once.

The Star Wars Command Star Destroyer includes characters from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, including the exclusive Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, three Rebel Soldiers, and three Stormtroopers, so kids have the choice to play as the villain or the hero. It also comes with the vehicle, four energy blasts, and the command controller.

Additional figures and vehicles are available for purchase to create the ultimate armies and simulate or create battles. There are endless possibilities of play with this toy, which will delight new or dedicated Star Wards enthusiasts alike.