batman figures

Spin Master’s new 4-inch Batman figures may be small, but they are mighty!

The collectible action figures, inspired by the heroes and villains of Gotham City, are designed for kids ages 3 and up. While adult collectors and comic book fans will appreciate these figures, there are many elements that make them ideal for play.

To start, the 4-inch figures incorporate the popular unboxing trend in a fun way. Each figure comes with three surprise accessories — including some rare and super rare — that range from blasters and shields to armor and Batarangs. This is a great way to have the unboxing element that kids enjoy without worrying about unintentionally collecting duplicate figures. The figure’s packaging also features a metallic “First Edition” sticker and a tear-away section that doubles as a trading card.

In terms of the figures themselves, there are eight to collect: Rebirth Batman, Robin, Rebirth Tactical Batman, The Joker, Nightwing, Man-Bat, a golden Rare Batman, and Super Rare Robin. (There are also some retailer-specific figures, such as the Target-exclusive Water Batman.) Each figure comes with one of two accessory sets, as laid out in the included collector’s guide, and the accessories are all styled to be easy for the figures to hold. The figures are super articulated, too, which is great for imaginative play and for creating action-packed adventures. On the figures we tested, the joints withstand a decent amount of pressure when accidentally bent in the wrong direction, which is helpful for younger kids.

The play doesn’t stop with the figures, though! There is also a Batmobile two-in-one vehicle (designed for kids ages 4 and up) that is compatible with the 4-inch line. It gets the two-in-one name because the back section of the vehicle — where Batman or Robin (or a villain, in the case of a Batmobile-jacking) sits — detaches to become the Batboat. The Batboat, which is also on wheels, is fairly easy to remove when the Caped Crusader needs to make a quick getaway, but it won’t fly out on its own. Both the Batmobile and the Batboat are push vehicles — totally kid-powered — which also adds to the imaginative play potential.

One final (and fairly significant) positive aspect of these figures is the price point. Each 4-inch figure retails for $7.99, while the Batmobile vehicle is $19.99.

Overall, these figures are a great option for young superhero fans who want to recreate their favorite Batman moments and create new adventures of their own!