Three additions to Barbie’s Inspiring Women series celebrate women throughout the centuries.

Ella Fitzgerald used her velvet voice to change the world through her jazz music and her charitable organization, the Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation. She may have won many prestigious awards throughout her lifetime, but she rewarded the world by giving a voice to those in need. The Barbie version of her captures that shimmering personality with a deep-purple dress and a microphone.

Billie Jean King championed women’s equality in sports and won her first major tennis championship title in 1961. The Billie Barbie will feature the two-tone, blue-and-mint-green tennis dress that she wore during a legendary Battle of the Sexes match, which she won. Who runs the world?

The Florence Nightingale Barbie stands tall in her 19th-century nurse uniform. Nightingale was not just a nurse: She took the vocation that she believed to be her moral duty and reformed it in the early 19th century. She fought to improve hospital efficiency and standards in patient care, ultimately creating a nursing school and writing books to further teach the field.

These new Barbie role models teach kids small but important pieces of history. Each one comes with accessories based on the women and can be found for $29.99 on Mattel’s website.