Every day is a busy adventure full of homework, millions of activities, and chores. It’s easy for kids to feel overwhelmed.

Mindfulness app Headspace kicks off a new partnership with Barbie to promote relaxation and kindness because sometimes a kid just needs to take a beat and slow down. To announce the news, Barbie vlogs her overwhelming day in a YouTube video when Eve (the female voice in Headspace) talks the busy doll through a 4-minute guided meditation, centered around kindness, to calm her down. Headspace also features different positive affirmations to jumpstart kids’ days. You can take a listen here, and watch Barbie’s full introductory vlog below.

To continue promoting self care to busy kids, Mattel also launched a new Barbie Wellness line of seven dolls. The dolls feature relaxing activities, including going to the spa, taking a bubble bath, practicing deep breathing, and putting on a face mask.

Dolls including Barbie Face Mask Spa Day, Barbie Fizzy Bath Doll, and Barbie Relaxation Doll come with different relaxation-inspired playsets and themed outfits. Breathe with Me Barbie can even lead kids in one of five guided meditation exercises as kids press the moon button on the doll’s necklace.

Ahhh, we’re feeling more relaxed already.