Barbie is ready for a major style upgrade, and she needs kids to help her decide her new look.

On Instagram, @BarbieStyle is a one-of-a-kind influencer and next year Mattel plans to bring her online identity to life with a series of new fashion dolls.  Kids can have their say in designing the first Barbie Style doll series by choosing Barbie’s hairstyle, fashionable outfit, and trendy accessories.

To choose the best looks for Barbie and her girl squad (there will be four total dolls in the range), kids will vote online for many of the design elements. In just eight questions, kids will pick between two wardrobe or hair options. For the first survey, open now, kids will choose a spring-themed look for the doll.


For the first doll, kids will choose between two hairstyles, and spring color options for suits, dresses, jackets, shoes, cat-eye sunglasses, and purses. They’ll also be able to pick between certain elements that would make a Barbie Style doll stand out, including zipper details, pockets, fabric choices, and realistic accessories. (Pssst: The answer is always pockets.)

The voting period for the first doll is open through March 1 and then, the winning doll will go into production with a retail launch in 2021. Each doll comes with on-trend fashion separates and plenty of accessories to mix and match. Later on in the year, kids can vote on additional looks for three of Barbie’s friends with summer, fall, or winter elements.

Click here to vote.