Why be basic when you can be ~extra~?

Mattel is going above and beyond with the new Barbie Extra dolls, perfect for those who believe more is more.

Each Barbie Extra doll features a unique style that’s both playful and over-the-top in all the right ways, featuring trendsetting accessories adorned with glitter, faux fur, gummy bears, emojis, bold colors, and iridescent shimmer. They are articulated for poseability and feature long hair that kids can style, as well as different body shapes and face sculpts.

Obviously dolls this fashionable need equally fabulous pets. Each doll is paired with a pet sidekick that includes accessories of its own, such as a poodle wearing puppy heels and star-shaped sunglasses, a pig with a flower crown headband and removable unicorn wings, and a rottweiler puppy with a pink car.

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The Barbie Fashion Closet app is also getting an update to reflect the stylish outfits and fur-bulous pets featured in the doll line. In the game, players enter Barbie’s dream closet to dress up Barbie and friends with customizable looks.

The Barbie Extra dolls are available now for $24.99 each — a small price to pay for something so extra!