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The Big Hero 6 Deluxe Flying Baymax, from Bandai, is an impressive 11-inch tall figure with awesome specs. With the push of a button, kids ages 4 and up can spread his wings to an 18-inch wingspan. His arms are ball-jointed, which I love, because it makes it super easy for kids to change his position, swing his arms around, and deliver the firing fist—when kids press the button on Baymax’s wrist, his left fist pops off, flying at its target. His head turns left and right, and can shift into an upward-facing position during “flight.”

Deluxe Flying Baymax has a bunch of sound effects, which kids can activate by simply pressing the button on his torso. One of the coolest things about his sound feature is that as kids tilt him left and right, the sound effects change with his position. His head also lights up as he makes sounds and soars through the air.

Baymax also comes with a 4.5 Hiro Hamada figure, which attaches to Baymax’s back with magnets– just like in the movie. When Hiro Hamada is on board, he unlocks additional flying sounds, such as rocket sounds, and ascent and descent sounds, depending on which way he’s pointing. I think the interactivity of kids’ motion makes this toy even cooler than it already is, and gives kids even more ways to use their imagination to help Baymax save the day.