BananagramsIt’s Bananagrams‘ 10th birthday, and everyone is invited.

In place of a birthday party, Banangrams will ring in its decennial with a brand new game, Bananagrams Party Edition. The game features everything we’ve come to know and love about classic Bananagrams, and adds some extra flare. Bananagrams Party Edition is perfect for parties as big as eight and for ages 10 and up.

The party kicks off with the same old song and dance: Each player begins with 11 to 21 letter tiles (depending on how many people are playing) that he or she must make into an interconnecting word grid. When a player has no tiles left, he or she yells “peel” and everyone takes a new tile to use on their ever-growing grid.

But, in Party Edition, there’s a twist. Special party tiles are mixed in with the regular alphabet tiles, and each one features a zany graphic that changes the game. For example, if a player gets one of these tiles when he or she reaches for new letters, that player can choose another player to carry out the action that the graphic represents. These actions range from silly to sillier, such as taking a speed lap around the table, lose of use of your thumbs for the rest of the game, wearing the game’s banana-shaped pouch on your head, and more. A few of the party tiles benefit the player who drew them. One of them serves as a shield to protect the player from other party tiles, while a pair of bomb tiles allow the player who draws both to completely destroy another player’s grid. The object of the game—aside from hoping you don’t end up being the one with the banana hat—is to be the first player to use up all of the tiles.

Once there are no longer enough tiles for each player to take one after a “peel,” the player who placed the last tile in his or her grid says “bananas.” The other players then inspect his or her grid, and if everything is spelled correctly then that player is the winner.

This game is a great way for everyone to pull out their best vocabulary, and the party tiles guarantee a healthy dose of silliness. Bananagrams Party Edition is ideal for any party of players, both young and old. Turn your next family game night into a party.