There can only be one.

Balloon Bot Battle, from KD Games, is an interactive boxing game that encourages kids ages 8 and up to burst their opponent’s balloon with a series of left and right hooks. Included in the set are two balloon bot helmets, two balloon bot bases with joysticks, 20 7-inch balloons in multiple colors, a sticker sheet, and a manual.Preparing to fight is quick and easy thanks to a special balloon tying mechanism at the bottom of each balloon bot base. Once kids have selected their bot, they can remove the cup from the base, thread the end of their balloon through it, and blow it up inside its protective helmet. It should be slightly overinflated, and fit snug inside its plastic armor.

Once that’s done, kids can tie off the end of the balloon by making a figure-8 around a set of prongs. There’s no need for knots, so kids should be able to wrap and attach the balloon without help from an adult.3, 2, 1, battle! When it’s time to go pound-for-pound, players must slide the joystick back and forth to create a barrage of punches, jabs, and 1-2-Mayweathers. Think Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots with a twist. The first to land a blow that’s powerful enough to pop their opponent’s balloon will be crowned victorious. The other will undoubtedly feel deflated (ba dum tss).

Once one balloon bot has succumbed to an onslaught of haymakers, kids can declare a winner, award points, or simply setup the next round. The game has little to no rules, so kids are free to determine both the number of rounds they play and the point system they implement to keep track of who’s on top. Kids can face-off in timed rounds as they do in professional boxing, or just exchange blows until someone’s balloon bursts into pieces.Balloon Bots have a mean streak, but they’re completely safe for kids to enjoy. Their plastic fists have abrasive pads that help scratch and pop balloons on contact, but they’re pretty smooth to the touch.

For added fun, kids can customize their balloons using markers, stickers, and other household items to create faces. They can design one-of-a-kind balloon characters, and then film battles with their smart devices for some sharable entertainment the whole family can enjoy.

Better yet, players can fill the balloons with water to raise the stakes.

Wait, no. Whipped cream. Yeah, definitely fill the balloons with whipped cream.