Let the brawling commence!

Spin Master officially launched the second season of Bakugan: Armored Alliance yesterday on Cartoon Network — with new adventures, characters, and gear to help Brawlers excel in battle, both on the show and IRL.

Bakugan: Armored Alliance promises to bring bigger battles as the brawlers find themselves in unchartered territories,” said Jennifer Dodge, executive vice president at Spin Master Entertainment, in a statement. “Bakugan is a global franchise that comes to life across multiple platforms; incredible Japanese-anime entertainment, combined with new toy technology that lends itself to heightened strategic play with digital content and influencer groundswell delivering the battling excitement to fans.”

In addition to the onscreen action, the toy company and producer are bringing more brawls into our world. Several influencer families (Ninja Kids TV, ExtremeToys TV, Kids Fun TV, and ZZ Kids TV) will go head to head in a series of epic battles, culminating in the Bakugan Secret Battle League launch. These influencers will compete in face-to-face Bakugan battles at industry expos and play tournaments that’ll be broadcast on YouTube.

That’s not all: Spin Master also unveiled new, expanded offerings to its Bakugan toy line and card game. Brawlers will be able to power up with the Bakugan Ultra Ball with Baku-Gear, new collectible accessories that come with a magnetic-activated transformation. Then, in the fall, the company will add a large-scale Bakugan Dragonoid Infinity figure. A deluxe Bakugan Premium Arena will also be available for kids to set the stage for fierce battles.

That’s not all: The Bakugan mobile app has been updated with new features, characters, and games based on the new season.