Baketivity Duff Kits | Source: Baketivity/the Toy Insider

Baking is often a whisk-y business. From measuring the ingredients accurately to attaining that flawless, golden-brown crust, it’s not always easy for kids to get comfortable in the kitchen.

But with Baketivity’s baking kits and subscription boxes, a recipe for success is easy to follow — especially with some help from Food Network star Duff Goldman! These kits include activity booklets, pre-measured ingredients, and now, tasty recipes cooked up by Goldman himself.

Designed for kids ages 4 and up, the Duff Kits include pre-measured dry ingredients, step-by-step instructions, lessons, educational games, and a shopping list for wet ingredients. The S’mores Sandwich Cookies kit yields about 6-8 s’mores with a gooey marshmallow filling and chocolate-drizzled cookies. The Furry Monster Cake and Cupcakes kit makes about 10-12 chocolate cupcakes with a Cookie Monster-inspired, furry blue frosting twist. Goldman helps guide kids with a YouTube video for each recipe. Check out one below!

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Baketivity offers a delectable variety of kits that teach kids how to make everything from whoopie pies and pretzels to vanilla cake pops and flower cookies. The company also offers subscription boxes for families that range from monthly to yearly plans and include a hat and an apron, along with the standard items found in every Baketivity box. Baketivity is also offering a subscription box summer program for kids that include four themed kits — each featuring a specific country and culture’s pastries — along with live, virtual classes and instruction videos.

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