The Baby Shark’s Big Show! Sing & Swing Baby Shark & William are the ultimate BFF duo! | Source: WowWee/the Toy Insider

Clap your fins and dance along with your two favorite under-the-sea BFFs!

Based on Nickelodeon’s animated preschool series Baby Shark’s Big Show!, Sing & Swing Baby Shark & William from WowWee bring the party to playtime. The two soft and cuddly plush come packaged as a pair with two interactive ways to play.

Kids can dance and sing along as Baby Shark’s tail wiggles and swings to the theme song from the show. And when Baby Shark and William get together, they become the iconic besties we know them to be. Kids can have William give Baby Shark a “high fin,” and listen for silly sounds and reactions. Baby Shark will recognize William and say things like, “There you are!” and “Fish friends forever!”

When William gives Baby Shark a “high-fin,” Baby Shark says fun phrases! | Source: WowWee

While Baby Shark is on the larger side — and does all of the talking in this duo — the William plush is smaller and can serve as a fun travel companion on the go. He doesn’t feature any of the mechanics inside, so he is a super-soft plush all the way through.

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In addition to sparking imaginative play and encouraging storytelling, these fun plush help kids develop their sensory skills and gross and fine motor skills. The interactive features keep kids engaged and the smiley characters make them the perfect playmates. Plus, when kids are done playing, they are great cuddly friends to snuggle up and watch your favorite episodes of Baby Shark’s Big Show!.

Make playtime absolutely fin-tastic with the Baby Shark’s Big Show! Sing & Swing Baby Shark & William!