Baby Shark has made landfall with Dynacraft’s Baby Shark 6-Volt Plush Ride-On, an electric-motorized vehicle for kids ages 3 and up featuring the year’s most beloved, little baby predator. With games, toys, gloop, and a television show to its name, the Baby Shark craze isn’t going anywhere soon – except for maybe a safe joy ride.

The Baby Shark 6-Volt Plush Ride-On is the safest and most adorable way to get around, with large, grabbable handles and a soft, plush seat to make for a safe and comfortable ride. Kids can simply push down the foot pedal accelerator and steer the easy-control handlebar to take their cuddly aquatic friend for an enjoyable and appropriate ride — at a max speed of 2.5 mph, of course. 

At a safe and reasonable pace, Baby Sharks of all sizes can explore their big, blue world — under supervision. The lush plush can cushion any serious play, and at only 2 feet high, the Baby Shark Ride-On is low enough to the ground for any whoopsy-rider to cleanly brush off the occasional fall. At less than 20 pounds and only 18 inches wide, the vehicle is easily adaptable for all sorts of backdrops an adventure calls for, whether that journey is down the street, through the backyard, or down the hall — that is, if Mommy Shark is okay with it!

A Baby Shark outing isn’t complete without its famous theme song; luckily, the Baby Shark Ride-On comes sing-a-long ready at the push of a button. Kids can tap the red button built into the handlebar to activate a clip of the signature song, playing aloud directly from their ride-on buddy. Follow the bouncing Baby Shark as listeners and riders alike can “doo-doo-doo” along the ride, or activate the Baby Shark song without being in motion to take a sing-songy riding break.

When playtime (or song time) is over, Baby Shark can rest in its included ocean bed crate, a large, sturdy, and bright blue home to serve as a shelter until the next aquatic adventure. With a swinging door and open, arch-shaped windows on each side, Baby Shark is always visible to provide some friendly atmosphere — or the occasional impromptu song.

Daddy Sharks and Mommy Sharks will agree: Dynacraft’s Baby Shark Ride-On is the perfect vehicle for the beginning rider in their family’s growing frenzy.