VTech Toy Reviews

VTech‘s Babble & Rattle Microphone will let kids jam out while also learn about animals, instruments, and pretend play. Made for babies 3 months and up, the microphone encourages kids to sing along to two songs and 15 melodies, including BINGO, Three Blind Mice, Hey Diddle Diddle, and more!

The microphone itself is the perfect size for little hands to hold, with a bright blue handle and orange and yellow amplifier. It features large, vibrant buttons, including a puppy with a really welcoming face; colorful, durable strands of ribbon; and a turning ring, featuring inviting animals.

Unlike some baby microphones on the market, VTech’s is actually a real working microphone. It will amplify babies’ (and twenty-something year old adults not ready to let go of their #rockstar dreams) voices. Babies can talk, babble, and sing close to the top of the microphone to hear their voices rise. But, don’t worry, while there is a noticeable difference in sound, the mic doesn’t go too loud and won’t become super annoying. This toy also doubles as a rattle, so as kids are movin’ and groovin’, it will make sounds such as a traditional rattle, clapping, laughing, and more. It’s like getting two toys in one!

This microphone comes in two main modes, learning mode and microphone mode, and there are four main buttons around the microphone. All of the buttons are large, easy to activate, and will respond differently based on what mode kids are in. The puppy button encourages kids to sing along with the songs in both modes, and the light-up arrow button will flash with the sound while all songs and melodies are playing. In microphone mode, the light-up arrow button will play random melodies; the piano button will play classical music and melodies; the drum button will play rock’ n roll melodies; and the animal dial will activate animal sounds and melodies. In learning mode, the light-up arrow button will play random animal noises; the piano and drum buttons will identify the instrument playing the melodies; and the animal dial will identify animal names, sounds, and phrases.

The microphone has more than 60 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases to keep kids learning and occupied for hours. Like all VTech toys, the Babble & Rattle Microphone has developmental benefits for babies, such as auditory stimulation, imaginative play, motor skills, and role play. It will automatically shut down after one minute without input, and it will turn on again if kids press any button. Longer battery life means a happy baby, and a happy baby means happy parents.

The Babble & Rattle Microphone is a simple toy jam-packed with tons of features to keep babies engaged. And at this price—I mean, come on—what more could you ever want from a baby toy?