All five B-Kind Dolls | Source: Jada Toys

It’s good to B-Kind!

The new B-Kind doll line from Jada Toys is designed to promote positive messages of kindness and creativity. The characters — Brianna, Koral, Ivy, Nora, and Daisy — each have their unique passion and come with a special DIY activity for kids to create.

In addition to embracing kindness to others, this doll line is also friendly to the earth. The dolls are made of recycled materials, come in reusable packaging, and wear eco-fashions. Plus, the ink used is made from soybeans.

Brianna, Koral, Ivy, Nora, and Daisy | Source: Jada Toys

Each of the DIY activities included with the dolls includes a valuable lesson for kids to learn. Brianna helps kids learn about recycling, while Koral teaches kids about keeping the oceans clean. Ivy is passionate about ending bullying, Nora feels it’s important to be brave and try new things, and kids will learn how to help endangered animals along with Daisy.

Creative minds can use the package to create their own Kindness Board, a dedicated personal space to display and share kindness goals. It can hold drawings, photos, mission statements, and more. Kids can also use the Kindness Boards can in the background as a play scene for the dolls.

B-Kind dolls are exclusively available from Walmart, both in-stores and online.