Awkward Moment

Life is full of awkward moments. Like yanking desperately on a door clearly labeled “push”. I mean, it says it right there! It’s even in all caps. How about waving back to an unusually friendly stranger, only to realize that their kind gesture wasn’t directed at you? Now you’re just waving to no one, and you probably look silly. What about exchanging goodbyes with an old friend and then heading off in the same direction? That one’s so cringe-worthy I feel awkward just typing it. Then there’s saying, “I love you” before ending a phone call with your boss. It’s your boss, not your mom. Pull yourself together.

With Tiltfactor’s new Awkward Moment card game, players don’t just welcome these awkward moments,—they vie for them!

Designed for kids and teens ages 12 and up, Awkward Moment can put up to eight players in a whirlwind of awkward social situations.

There are three different types of cards in the game. Moment cards describe an awkward situation. Writing a text to your friend but accidentally sending it to your mom, or trying to explain to your teacher that your dog actually did eat your homework are just a couple of examples. Reaction cards are cards that players use to respond to the awkward moment. Each player always has five reaction cards at the start of each round. Decider cards give guidelines that help choose a winner.

To begin, players choose a decider. The decider deals five reaction cards to each player. Next, the decider flips one moment card and one decider card over. In response, players each submit one reaction card face down to the decider. They are then shuffled up and read aloud to the group. The winner is picked based on his or her interpretation of the decider card. The player who gave the winning reaction card keeps the moment card, which acts as a point. Whoever has the most moment cards at the end of the game wins! It’s like Apples to Apples, just more awkward.

Say, for example, the moment card chosen says “Your teacher calls on you when you haven’t done your homework”. The decider card says “Most Shocking”, indicating that the reaction card should issue the most shocking response. After shuffling through my five reaction options, I choose a card that reads “Tell them to stop getting in your business”, and place it face down on the table. Win or lose, it’s a game that is sure to leave all players laughing.

And with the adult version, Awkward Moment at Work, parents and young adults can enjoy a game night of their own! With scenarios unfamiliar to kids and teens, this version is packed with loads of workplace situations every employee desperately tries to avoid. And although this version is relatively family friendly, it’s probably best to encourage kids on the younger end of the scale to stick with the original version.

The original Awkward Moment includes 100 moment cards, 284 reaction cards, 48 decider cards, and an instruction set. The smaller, Awkward Moment at Work adult version contains 69 moment cards, 100 reaction cards, 17 decider cards, and an instruction set.

What are you waiting for? Get awkward!