Party icebreaker games never fail to pull you out of your comfort zone, but Hasbro aims to entirely disrupt comfort zones with its new game Awkward Hugs.

When you play the party game, there’s no such thing as “personal space.” The card game forces you to get up close and personal with the player you know the least.

To win and be dubbed Masteriest Hug Master, players must earn the most points by answering blush-inducing yes or no questions and providing the same response as your new friend. Yes, Hasbro needed to create a name for the hugger to rule them all. Give the same response as your partner three times, and the next round starts with two new players. Answer differently, and you’ll have to deal with the consequences: ridiculously embarrassing tasks with your partner for the round.

The catch: You must strap on belts, lock yourselves together, and hug as you respond to the questions. If you’re looking to make new friends, Awkward Hugs is the game for you.

The game, designed for players ages 16 and up, comes with two yellow belts with locks, two yellow keys, a deck of 100 embarrassing question cards, and 50 consequence cards. Don’t worry; if you lose the keys, a paper clip will set you free.

Luckily, I found new friends to play with, but I also learned some shocking aspects of my old ones, making us much closer—maybe closer than I originally wanted. I did not want to know that my friend sneakily reads people’s emails or has eaten from the trash, but here we are!

Although locking the belts was sometimes a bit tricky, the instructions were incredibly easy to follow. We continued with the game and laughed so hard throughout each round.

The shock factor and friendly bonding were the ultimate prizes of the game for just $19.99.

Awkward Hugs is definitely the game to bring along with you to all the holiday parties this month.