Avengers fans, assemble!

You know it’s tough to be a superhero without a sweet ride, so Dynacraft has your little crime-fighter covered. The Avengers 12V 4×4 is a sturdy and durable mode of transportation for kids who are looking to save the world as an Avenger.

With this vehicle, kids can suit up and speed off up to 5 mph to save the world. It’s got all the bells and whistles kids need to feel like they’re really behind the wheel of a super-powered ride. The 4×4 features a working horn, and functional roll bar, and fog lights, so that kids can see the bad guys clearly. To get where they need to go, the vehicle drives forward and backward. And to keep little superheroes safe, it features play seat belts that are adjustable so they can fit to kids. Plus, you don’t want to fight the bad guys alone, so this car has two seats so you can always have backup.

The seats inside are super comfy, in case your little one’s crime-fighting adventure ends up being longer than expected (those baddies can be tricky!). If they need to take the battle to their feet, no worries—this 4×4 comes with a removable Captain America shield so they can fight the good fight. With a 45-minute runtime, kids can save the world plenty of times before they need a recharge.

The best part for Avengers fans is the cool detailing all over this 4×4. It features a bright blue body, with red detailing that really pops. There are Captain America and Avengers graphics all over the body of the vehicle, so kids know that Cap’s got their back when they’re saving the world. It also has tons of shiny “chrome” details so that kids can really be riding in style. With all the tools needed for a car to function—windshield wipers, side mirrors, a working steering wheel, and more—kids will feel like they’re behind the wheel of a real-functioning super vehicle.