Xandra Harbet

Xandra Harbet is an assistant editor at Adventure Publishing Group. She does weekly toy reviews for The Toy Insider and contributes to trade magazines The Toy Book and The Licensing book. When Xandra isn't writing or attending conventions, she's dancing around her room in Supergirl cosplay, jammin' out to Britney Spears. She once had to stash her lightsaber behind a bush at the Rogue One premiere because the theater had a lame 'no Kyber crystal weapons' policy. Her friends insist that she's the poster child for Gryffindor because she's staunch in her beliefs and recklessly tries to change the world. You can follow Xandra's wild adventures on Twitter @stakingmyheart.

Zits Is a Pimple Poppin’ Party

Step aside, Dr. Pimple Popper, there’s some new competition in town. Pimple popping is a bizarre obsession that has been gaining the attention of bored people on Youtube spirals for ages. It starts with one video… read more

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Escape Room The Game VR: Making Failure Less Publicly Awkward

Whenever someone mentions escape rooms, my mind automatically goes to the OG escape room in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, where Harry, Ron, and Hermione have to combine their wits to accomplish a series… read more

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This Incredible Power Couple Is #Relationshipgoals

Ever try to reach a box of cereal on the top shelf but find yourself just shy of an inch too short? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stretch your body to any length… read more

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The Avengers Are Back with a Vengeance in Infinity War

What happens when you throw together superheroes from every corner of the Marvel galaxy? An epic two-and-a-half hour movie with an unending slew of action and a monsoon of tears. Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War,… read more

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Just in Time for Infinity War: Suit Up With Iron Man AR

Back in my day, (I’ve officially become old enough to say that, yikes,) my idea of 3-D was flimsy plastic red and blue cardboard glasses that gave you a headache in the movie theater. A… read more

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Ashland University Offers Scholarships to Top Fortnight Gamers

What college student wants to run around a field for hours when they have the option to get an esports scholarship from the comfort of their computer chair? Ashland University is embracing the digital age… read more

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Great Minds Think Alike in Blank Slate

Most people have experienced the horror of jinxing someone, double jinxing them, and then owing them a soda that will never be delivered. Grab those friends and family members who act like mind readers to… read more

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