Varuni Sinha

Varuni Sinha is an assistant editor at the Adventure Publishing Group. With an avid interest in visual arts, she enjoys writing and editing for The Licensing Book and The Toy Book, leading trade magazines about toys–the first art forms we encounter as children. With expertise in literature, Varuni launched into writing through her thesis on Indian comic superheroes. Fairytales are another major attraction for her roving mind. Recently at Spoleto USA, Varuni mapped the history of all the variations of the Sleeping Beauty tale ever narrated through time. When she is not writing, Varuni loves to paint with her finger and nails. She has held solo and group exhibitions of her work in New Delhi, Chandigarh and Auroville in India. She has also illustrated a children’s book of Japanese Folktales. Follow her on twitter @varunisinha to keep up with her new adventures as she explores the magical world of toys.

Street Dogs Combines the Love of a Dog with the Fun of a Truck

When it comes to four-legged creatures, children can have as much fun with toy trucks as they can with dogs, both of which are great for pulling kids away from their devices for some fun, active… read more

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Play-Doh Crazy Cuts Is a Wacky Way to Become a Hair Stylist

Mothers enjoy styling their little one’s hair with crazy ribbons, high ponytails, plaits of different genres, spikes, fringes, and more. With the Play-Doh Crazy Cuts play set, from Hasbro, children can earn their chance to… read more

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Say “Hi” to Numbers with Hi-Ho! Cherry-O

Children love to discover the world with their hands. Even as toddlers they grab onto anything they possibly can with their curious fingers. Hasbro makes use of this universal connection between the hand and the… read more

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