Stephanie Grassullo

Stephanie Grassullo is an associate editor at Adventure Publishing Group. In addition to handling toy and licensing news and updates for The Toy Book and The Licensing Book, Stephanie also writes toy reviews and commentaries for the Toy Insider. When she’s not binge-watching old episodes of Gossip Girl, Stephanie is always game for Boggle tournaments—she’s the titleholder Boggle champion in her family, and proud of it! Stephanie firmly believes that there is no awkward moment that can’t be remedied with the help of Bop It. To get to know her better, follow her on Twitter @steph_grass.

Best of Toy Fair: Gender Neutral Baby Toys

IT’s a tale as old as time: Pink is for girls and blue is for boys—but not anymore. If there’s one thing that North American Toy Fair 2016 made clear, it’s that infant toy manufacturers have… read more

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Toy Insider Mom Brings the Best Finds of Toy Fair 2016 to CBS

Every year at the North American International Toy Fair, toy experts get to preview, test, and, of course, play, with the most innovative and exciting toys coming out for the year. Toy Insider Mom Laurie… read more

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Toy Insider Mom Shares the Best of Toy Fair 2016 with WPIX 11

American International Toy Fair is precisely what kids dream of on a daily basis: hundreds of rooms full of toys that haven’t even hit stores yet. Laurie Schacht gave WPIX11 a snippet of some of the best… read more

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ABC World News Now Gets a Sneak Peek at the Hottest Toys of 2016

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos This year’s North American International Toy Fair was in a league of its own. The biggest names in the toy world not only showcased their biggest products hitting stores… read more

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Toy Insider Mom Gives ABC News an Exclusive Tour of Toy Fair 2016

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos Every February at the North American International Toy Fair, the entire toy industry does nothing but eat, sleep, and breathe toys for four days. Laurie Schacht took ABC… read more

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Three Is Not a Crowd in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

There’s a new brother in town, and the Mario and Luigi Dream Team as you know it is about to get rocked. Well, maybe he’s not so new, but now, Paper Mario will team up… read more

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The Today Show Gets a Look at Toy Fair 2016

The Today Show was in for a real treat this past weekend when our Toy Insider Mom stopped by to share the most buzzed about toys at the North American Toy Fair 2016, where all… read more

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Mattel’s ThingMaker Lets Kids Make Toys at Home

  Why go to the toy store when you can print your own toys at home? Mattel is about to make every child’s dream come true with the launch of the ThingMaker 3D printer. Originally… read more

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Disney Dreams Shimmer to Life with New Princess Fashion Dolls

Once upon a time, the Disney princesses lived in a magical land called Mattel — but, the bold heroines decided to make a daring move, and journeyed on to the faraway kingdom of Hasbro. If… read more

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