Nicole Savas

As a kid, Nicole either wanted to be a professional toy player-wither or a writer. Somehow, as an Editorial Assistant for the Toy Insider, the Toy Book, and the Pop Insider, she’s found a career as both. She's grateful to work somewhere that she can fully embrace both her love of teddy bears and her love of the Oxford comma.

The Safari Truck Climber Is Built for (Pretend) Off-Road Expeditions

This truck may be stationary, but imagination will drive it forward.

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Cocomelon JJ Doll Gets Kids Groovin’ *and* Eating Veggies

The CoComelon icon comes to the toy box!

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P.Lushes Pets are P.erfectly Chic

Each fashionable plush is made with stylish fabrics.

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Learn the ABCs of Positivity with B-Kind Dolls

They’re friendly to each other and to the Earth.

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Disney+ Runs Amok Amok Amok with Hallowstream Celebration

We’re here for ‘Muppets Haunted Mansion’!

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Tamagotchi Pix Makes the ‘90s Fave Modern

It’s the toy we dreamed about in 1999.

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We’re Losing Our Marbles Over VTech’s Newest Building Line

Kids build thrilling courses with Marble Rush!

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Sing Along with Barbie’s ‘Big City, Big Dreams’ Soundtrack

The special airs tomorrow but the soundtrack is here today!

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