Get the Ball Rollin’ with Ball and Ramp

Goal: $10,000 Funding Period: Until July 20, 2015 Creator: Andrew Freuh Ball and Ramp is a new toy that lets kids and parents create their own interactive sculpture. It is made up of folded paper and marbles,… read more

Grüt: Teaching Children How to Grow

Goal: $10,925 Funding Period: Until July 3, 2015 Creator: Grüt Grüt is a new tool to help children grow their own plants and crops. Grüt comes as a kit that includes a sensor that connect to an app as well… read more

HeroMe Introduces Customizable Female Superheroes

Goal: $25,000 Funding Period: until June 26, 2015 Creator: HeroMe HeroMe is back again, and this time, they’re bringing girls with them. The toy company that allows children to make their own, custom superheroes is… read more